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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: American, 20th century


Slang for "all is well"


Fine or satisfactory

Examples of Copacetic in a sentence

"She seemed upset, but I let her know that everything was copacetic."

"After hearing the instructions, everyone was pleased and copacetic with what was expected of them."

About Copacetic

Copacetic is an informal slang word used to convey that everything is all right. It's closely associated with 1960s surfer culture — picture the classic hand gesture of a thumb and pinky sticking out for a visual representation of the word. Despite its uncertain origins, it has been traced back as far as 1915.

Did you Know?

While it's become associated with 1960s American hippie and surf culture, this word's precise origins are a mystery. Many historians trace copacetic to African–American slang in the 1800s. Others believe it started in the Pacific Northwest. Others believe it was adapted from a Yiddish phrase.

illustration Copacetic

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