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Wednesday, September 25



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid 17th century


Of or pertaining to twilight


Active in twilight or evening, as with certain animals

Examples of Crepuscular in a sentence

"Crepuscular animals tend to move around in the period between day and night."

"The crepuscular hour is my favorite, when the sky turns deep red and purple and the noise of the day quiets to a whisper."

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About Crepuscular

Many animals are crepuscular, meaning most active at twilight and dawn, including some you might not know. Deer, rabbits, bears, skunks, bobcats, and even possums are generally considered to be crepuscular.

Did you Know?

Crepuscular is an extremely medical-sounding word for something as artful and lovely as the waning hours of day, but it comes directly from the Latin word crepusculum, meaning twilight.

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