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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: English, 16th century


Industrious, effective.

Examples of Deedy in a sentence

"My mother is so deedy that in the year since she retired, she has renovated the bedroom, bathroom, and backyard with only my father’s help."

"We have so many deedy people on our team that we deliver our projects ahead of deadline as a rule."

About Deedy

“Deedy” was formed within English by adding a “y” suffix to the noun “deed.”

Did you Know?

Beavers have a reputation for being deedy, and they certainly are busy. Are beavers busier than other animals? Probably not — most animals are as deedy as beavers. But unlike beavers, other animals don’t usually leave such physical evidence of their activities. The habit of building dams and lodges with trees they cut down makes beavers easier to notice than, say, hummingbirds or chipmunks, both of which are likewise deedy animals.

illustration Deedy

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