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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


To carefully and thoughtfully savor food


To taste in small portions

Examples of Degust in a sentence

"The experienced food critic would degust each dish with a discerning palate."

"I prefer to degust every ingredient, and you can't do that if you inhale the food as soon as it's set in front of you."

About Degust

John Harrison may be the world's foremost expert on degusting. The American ice cream taste tester was said to have sampled over 60 flavors per day for Dreyer's ice cream. He retired in 2010, but we’re not sure why anyone would give up that job.

Did you Know?

Breaking down the roots of degust reveals a satisfyingly literal definition. The word stems from the Latin degustare, which is a combination of the prefix de- (“complete”) and the verb gustare (“to taste”).

illustration Degust

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