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Part of speech: adverb

Origin: German, 17th century


Quite; extremely; utterly.

Examples of Deucedly in a sentence

"After a few early wins, I had nothing but deucedly bad luck in the casino."

"Tyrone didn’t want to miss the concert, but he had a deucedly persistent head cold."

About Deucedly

“Deucedly” is based on the adjective “deuced,” which is related to the Middle English “dewes” (meaning “two”) and the Latin “duo.”

Did you Know?

In dice games, a score of two, or “a deuce,” is usually a losing roll. “Deuce” became a synonym for “bad luck” by the end of the Middle Ages. Accordingly, “deuced” is an adjective describing something cursed by bad luck, and “deucedly” began its life as an adverb suggesting the same. Now, it simply describes the extreme intensity of any kind of situation, not limited to negative situations associated with bad luck.

illustration Deucedly

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