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Part of speech: noun

Origin: American English, 1990s


People with expertise or professional involvement in information technology.

Examples of Digerati in a sentence

"Betty had complete faith that if she couldn’t fix her computer, the company’s digerati could."

"It was hard to pick one candidate out of the many qualified digerati who applied."

About Digerati

This word developed from a 1990s mash-up of the words “digital” and “literati” (well-educated people who are interested in literature). It was coined in a 1992 article by "The New York Times" editor Tim Race.

Did you Know?

Not everything that digerati are good at is efficient. The QWERTY keyboard, for example, is as inefficient as technology gets — mostly because it was designed that way. Designers originally created the QWERTY keyboard to slow down typists using mechanical keyboards prone to jamming. Nowadays, QWERTY continues to exist only because of its widespread use.

illustration Digerati

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