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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle French, 16th century


Great wealth or luxuriousness.

Examples of Opulence in a sentence

"The opulence of Marcia’s home was most apparent in the kitchen with its marble countertops, hardwood floors and cabinetry, and an eight-burner Italian gas range."

"As we walked the gardens of the castle, we found the opulence of the interior extended to the lush landscaping."

About Opulence

Opulence came into English from an identical word in Middle French, meaning “great wealth.” The French word “opulence” was based on the Latin “opulentia,” meaning “riches” or “splendor.”

Did you Know?

The richest person in history was believed to be Mansa Musa (1280 - 1337 CE), king of Timbuktu in present-day Mali. Since Musa oversaw the world’s largest resources of gold, he enjoyed such extravagant opulence that he once threw the currency of neighboring Egypt into crisis through his own personal spending. Musa’s personal wealth and levels of opulence are impossible to measure by today’s standards. Julius Caesar, another historical figure of great wealth, is estimated to have had a fortune equivalent to about $4 trillion.

illustration Opulence

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