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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Spanish, late 16th century


To flow out, as from the mouth of a river


To discharge


To pour out

Examples of Disembogue in a sentence

"The river began to disembogue from the dam, pouring debris into the lake."

"I didn't realize that the milk was beginning to disembogue from a hole in the bottom of the carton."

About Disembogue

To see some disemboguing in action, visit the Amazon River. The world's most powerful river accounts for around one-fifth of the world's total river flow and releases as much as 8 trillion gallons of water into the ocean each day.

Did you Know?

We owe the Spanish language for this unique word. It comes from desembocar, or “to put into the mouth.” Breaking it down even more, it’s also related to the Spanish word boca, or “mouth.”

illustration Disembogue

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