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Part of speech: noun


A state of listlessness or sadness


A period of inactivity


An area of the ocean near the equator known for calm and light winds

Examples of Doldrums in a sentence

"After the break-up, I found myself drifting through my own personal doldrums."

"We were making great time until our boat drifted into the doldrums, killing our momentum."

About Doldrums

Norton Juster's famous young-adult novel, "The Phantom Tollbooth," features a fictional place known as the Doldrums. As you might imagine, it's a place marked by slow movement and a frustrating lack of progress.

Did you Know?

In the 1800s, doldrums were used to describe a state of frustrating stillness encountered by sailors in areas of the sea with no winds to propel them.

illustration Doldrums

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