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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Old French, 15th century


An Arabian one-humped camel, especially one of a light and swift breed trained for riding or racing.

Examples of Dromedary in a sentence

"When we arrived in the town in the Saharan desert, we were surprised to see more dromedaries than horses or cars."

"Nearly 35% of all the dromedaries in the world live in the Horn of Africa."

About Dromedary

“Dromedary” is based closely on the Old French “dromedaire,” itself based on the Latin “dromedarius,” meaning “swift camel.”

Did you Know?

Growing as tall as 8 feet, dromedaries lived wild until they were domesticated between four and nine millennia ago. Dromedaries have always been a key part of life in Africa and the Arabian peninsula. The animals have carried both human passengers and cargo, while also nourishing generations with their milk and meat. Though the domesticated animals still appear mainly in the world’s most arid regions, a number of feral dromedaries have established themselves in the wilds of western Australia.

illustration Dromedary

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