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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, late 16th century




Calm or soothe.

Examples of Dulcify in a sentence

"He used honey to dulcify his trademark lemonade."

"She attempted to dulcify the crying child with a lullaby."

About Dulcify

This verb comes from the Latin words "dulcinficare" (to sweeten) and "dulcis" (sweet). This allows it to be used to indicate sweetness of all kinds — whether dulcet tones or a dulce de leche.

Did you Know?

Dulcify is a word with a double meaning — it can mean to sweeten, but used in context with a person, it can mean soothing or calming them down. This means that you can dulcify a friend, but you can also dulcify your coffee, too.

illustration Dulcify

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