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Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, 1980s


Tourism visiting threatened natural habitats, intended to support conservation efforts


Sustainable travel meant to minimize environmental impact

Examples of Ecotourism in a sentence

"The travel company boasted itself as a leader of ecotourism, offering tours of undisturbed forests and natural habitats."

"Local conservation groups appreciate the money brought in by ecotourism, but it can derail the very efforts it supports."

About Ecotourism

A trip to the Galápagos Islands would be an example of ecotourism. The Galápagos National Park Directorate requires that licensed tour providers demonstrate principles of environmental sustainability, including water and energy conservation, recycling of waste materials, locally sourced products and employment of local workers. Hiring an accredited tour provider for your trip to the Galápagos ensures you are contributing to conservation efforts of the magnificent wildlife.

Did you Know?

Ecotourism is thought by some to be an oxymoron, as travel usually involves air transportation, which is a contributor to global climate change.

illustration Ecotourism

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