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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, late 18th century


Relating to or consisting of coins, paper currency, and medals.

Examples of Numismatic in a sentence

"Mei’s extensive numismatic collection included several rare forms of Chinese currency."

"The numismatic exhibit features coins from around the world."

About Numismatic

Numismatic has roots in French, Latin, and Greek. The French word “numismatique” developed via Latin from the Greek word “nomisma.” “Nomisma” in turn developed from the words “nomismat” (current coin) and nomizein (to use).

Did you Know?

Numismatic enthusiasts might be disappointed to learn that Olympians don’t go for the gold...more like the mostly silver. The original Olympic gold medals were created out of 92% silver and a required 6 grams of gold — a tradition that continues into the modern day, with present gold medals being solid silver with gold plating.

illustration Numismatic

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