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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 14th century


A building, especially a large, imposing one.


A complex system of beliefs.

Examples of Edifice in a sentence

"The edifice at the center of campus holds the business school classes."

"The first task of the new government is to establish a constitutional edifice."

About Edifice

An imposing word comes with imposing roots. In Latin, "aedis" means "dwelling" and "facere" means "to make." The first definition of "edifice" retains the idea of building construction, but sense number two is more figurative. A figurative edifice is built of a complex set of beliefs.

Did you Know?

The largest edifice in the United States is the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington. This facility was built in the 1960s for the manufacturing of the 747. The edifice is still used for the construction of some of the Boeing company's largest aircrafts.

illustration Edifice

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