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Part of speech: verb

Origin: French, late 15th century


Erase (a mark) from a surface.


(efface oneself) Make oneself appear insignificant or inconspicuous.

Examples of Efface in a sentence

"The babysitter was relieved to find that the spilled juice was easy to efface from the carpet."

"Once Julia ceased trying to efface herself in front of the other contestants, she truly began to shine."

About Efface

This word developed from the French word “effacer,” made of a combination of the Latin word “ex” (away from) + face.

Did you Know?

Many people are familiar with the opposite of the word “efface” — the verb “deface,” the act of spoiling the surface or appearance of something by drawing or writing on it. For a long period of time, graffiti (painted images and words on surfaces in urban landscapes) was thought to deface buildings, bridges, and other urban landmarks. While graffiti is still illegal to apply to both public and private buildings, it is also recognized as an art form; approved graffiti and commissioned murals are now popularly used to efface unapproved graffiti, and even become landmarks and tourist attractions on their own.

illustration Efface

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