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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, mid-16th century


To omit or strike out something


In speech or writing, to cut off a vowel or a syllable, usually the final one

Examples of Elide in a sentence

"Poetry is known for its readiness to elide letters and syllables for the sake of rhyme and rhythm."

"His accent and use of colloquial speech caused him to elide the final letters of many words."

About Elide

To elide something is to omit it or strike it out. If they come across a lengthy article full of superfluous words, a good editor will leave them out of the finished product.

Did you Know?

While "elide" comes from the Latin verb "elidere," which means "to strike or dash out," it is also one of those rare words whose sense in common usage has evolved to embrace its opposite. Now, eliding something can also entail joining together pieces that were previously separate.

illustration Elide

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