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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, mid 17th century


Relating to heaven or the sky.

Examples of Empyrean in a sentence

"The astronauts were awed by the empyrean domain outside their window."

"While the planetarium couldn’t fully replicate the empyrean wonder of the night sky, it came very close."

About Empyrean

While this word evolved in Late Middle English, it first originated from medieval Latin and Greek — specifically the word “empurios,” from “en” (in) and “pur” (fire).

Did you Know?

While empyrean functions here as a verb, it can also be used as a noun. The noun empyrean also relates to the skies and the heavens, but specifically describes the highest part of the heavens. In medieval times, the highest heavens were believed to possess their own fire — which is where one of the roots of this word (“pur,” or fire) probably comes from.

illustration Empyrean

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