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Part of speech: Noun

Origin: Ancient Greek, 16th century


A book containing essential information on a subject.

Examples of Enchiridion in a sentence

"Susan's prized possession is her mother's cookbook, an enchiridion of the family's favorite dishes."

"Sheila published an enchiridion about koalas' behavior and social habits."

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About Enchiridion

The ancient Greek ἐγχειρίδιος means "fitting in the hand." An “enchiridion” came into English in the 16th century as a portable, hand-sized guidebook.

Did you Know?

The modern handbook has its roots in the enchiridion (related to the Greek word for “hand”), traditionally a small, portable manual widely used from early Greece through to the 19th century. Enchiridons were designed to keep useful information near at hand, including religious teachings, ethical advice, the rules of poetry, guidance for soldiers, and means of understanding the law.

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