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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 19th century


Having an internal cause or origin.


Confined within a group or society.

Examples of Endogenous in a sentence

"The endogenous variables are unable to be changed."

"The values of diversity, respect, and compassion are endogenous to this company."

About Endogenous

Endogenous and "exogenous" are often used as points of contrast. "Endo" means "inside," and "exo" means "outside." Paired with "genous," which means "producing or originating in," you have the words to describe whether something has an internal (endogenous) or external (exogenous) cause.

Did you Know?

Endogenous is a term most often used in biology to describe something with an internal cause or origin. If used in a social sciences capacity, it means the trait is found within a certain group or society.

illustration Endogenous

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