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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, 16th century


Made of or resembling alabaster, in particular in being white or smooth.

Examples of Alabastrine in a sentence

"The chandelier was made of an alabastrine glass that gently diffused the lights."

"The landscape designer commissioned an alabastrine statue to contrast against the red rose bushes."

About Alabastrine

“Alabastrine” is taken from the French “alabastrin,” which is based on the Latin “alabastrinus,” both meaning “made of alabaster.”

Did you Know?

Alabaster, a mineral, is known for its distinctive color (or lack thereof): It is creamy white, but translucent enough to refract light so that it appears to glow from within. To compare a substance or color to alabaster, call it “alabastrine.” For example, creamy translucent marble could be described as “alabastrine,” in the same way a pale, smooth gourd might be alabastrine, and in the era of black-and-white films, Greta Garbo and Veronica Lake were known for their alabastrine complexions.

illustration Alabastrine

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