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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, mid 17th century


A short stanza concluding a ballade (a poem) or a short, lyrical piece of music, especially one for piano.


(Literary) an author’s concluding words.

Examples of Envoi in a sentence

"The envoi made for a fitting end to the novel."

"Ted composed a haunting envoi for his original music."

About Envoi

This word comes from the Old French “envoi,” from “envoyer” meaning “send.” It comes from “en voie,” meaning “on the way,” based on the Latin “via,” meaning “way.”

Did you Know?

Envois were traditionally explanatory or advice-like remarks at the end of a poem, book, or essay. In poetry, they could also be used to emphasize the moral of the work and often addressed whomever the poem was written about. Although envois are usually linked to French poetic forms, many English poets have employed them, including Geoffrey Chaucer and Robert Southey.

illustration Envoi

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