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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, 15th century


Relating to enjoyment and gratification, especially through fine food and drink


Devoted to refined pleasures and the deliberate avoidance of pain or suffering

Examples of Epicurean in a sentence

"Her epicurean lifestyle immersed her in a world of rare wines and gourmet foods."

"The price tag for his epicurean life was high, but such was the cost of savoring the finer things in life."

About Epicurean

While epicureans are known for their lavish tastes and discriminating palates, that doesn't always make them experts in what they partake. An epicurean interest indicates the degree of pleasure a person finds in a refined experience, whereas true knowledge of and a specialist opinion on, say, a rare vintage of wine, is reserved for a connoisseur.

Did you Know?

Epicurean derives from the name of the Greek philosopher Epicurus and the school he founded in the 3rd century BC. He taught his disciples that the "good life" was one that caused pleasure and led to enjoyment (though not excessively), and should be pursued over a life that brought pain and discomfort.

illustration Epicurean

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