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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 18th century


The act or result of fabulating; a fabrication.


(literary criticism) A style of modern fiction, similar to magical realism and postmodernism.

Examples of Fabulation in a sentence

"My grandson came home from school full of wild tales of kindergarten adventures I suspected were fabulations."

"The fantasy movie presented an image of modern-day Athens that was pure fabulation."

About Fabulation

“Fabulation” is based on the Latin “fābula,” meaning “narrative,” and the Latin verb “fābulor,” meaning “to talk” or “to create a story.”

Did you Know?

“Fabulation” describes the action of “fabulating,” a verb associated with creating fables. (Both “fabulation” and “fable” share the Latin root “fābula.”) As a result, “fabulation” has always referred to the telling or creating of mythical or fictional stories, though over time the term began to refer to any invented story — including stories told as lies. In modern language, “fabulation” is a loaded term: It can be used to accuse the storyteller of inventing stories without a basis in fact in the same way as it can be used to describe a children’s story full of magic and imaginary creatures.

illustration Fabulation

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