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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Unknown, 19th century


A state or attack of uneasiness or unreasonableness.

Examples of Fantod in a sentence

"The innkeeper was nice enough, but the B&B gave me the fantods, so we left after just one night."

"The uneasiness ahead of a workweek is called “the Sunday scaries,” but that feeling can be called “the fantods” on any day."

About Fantod

The origin of “fantod” is unclear, but it may be related to “fantastic” or “fatigue,” with the Welsh ending “-od,” indicating plurality in animals.

Did you Know?

“Fantod” usually appears in the plural — in part because its “-od” ending may be a Welsh plural. So rather than hear of a singular “fantod,” we’re likelier to hear of “the fantods.” This expression — describing a feeling of vague uneasiness — is very similar in meaning to “the willies” or “the heebie-jeebies,” though having been first noted in the mid-19th century, “the fantods” predates both of those terms.

illustration Fantod

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