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Part of speech: verb

Origin: French, 17th century


To decorate, embellish, or ornament


To hang a decorative strip between two fixed points

Examples of Festoon in a sentence

"Before the surprise party, I had to festoon the entryway with streamers and decorations."

"College students love to festoon their dorm rooms with all kinds of trinkets."

About Festoon

One of the most iconic examples of festooning — or hanging a decorative string or banner — comes from Mexico. If you’ve traveled there, you may have seen bright, colorful flags with cut-out patterns hanging above the streets. These are known as papel picado, and have been used in traditional celebrations and in public spaces for centuries.

Did you Know?

A festoon (the noun) is the decorative string or banner you might hang from two points at a party. So, in theory, one could festoon a festoon.

illustration Festoon

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