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Thursday, February 11



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Middle English, 9th century


Giving an impression of vague unworldliness.


Having supernatural powers of clairvoyance.

Examples of Fey in a sentence

"The meadow looked almost fey in the moonlight."

"Yul's fey abilities allowed him to see flashes of the future."

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About Fey

While fey comes from the Middle English word "fǣge" (fated to die soon), it has Germanic origins, specifically developing from the word "feige" (cowardly).

Did you Know?

The word fey is often used as another term for fairies — mythical and magical beings found in European folk mythology. While modern takes on fairies usually describe them as benevolent (if a bit mischievous), people of the Old World had all sorts of wards to keep fairies away, including iron, church bells, four leaf clovers, and even wearing clothing inside out.

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