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Monday, April 5



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 4th century


A commonly recognized text or edition, as of the Iliad.


Common or colloquial speech.

Examples of Vulgate in a sentence

"The professor instructed his class to purchase the vulgate of “Romeo and Juliet” so that they could all read the same text."

"While I use flowery words on the stage, I prefer vulgate with my friends."

Popularity Over Time

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About Vulgate

This word originated from the Latin words “vulgata” (a written edition for the general public) and “vulgus” (a word meaning “common people”).

Did you Know?

Lexicographers, or people who compile and edit dictionaries, choose words by both examining those in widespread use and evaluating the probability of the word remaining in use for a significant period of time. Some words that develop in vulgate but are widely used enough can be added to the dictionary, including slang or playful combinations like “hangry.”

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