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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Possibly of imitative origin, mid 15th century


Something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.


[Archaic] a movement made by bending the last joint of the finger against the thumb and suddenly releasing it; a flick of the finger.

Examples of Fillip in a sentence

"With a fillip of two fingers, Serena showed her irritation with the crowd."

"Springtime usually provides a fillip to automotive sales."

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illustration Fillip

About Fillip

This word, whose origins aren’t certain, stems from the term “philippen,” meaning "to flip something with the fingers, snap the fingers." As a noun, from 1520s, it comes from “fyllippe.”

Did you Know?

“Fillip” can also be a verb that means to flick something with a finger, strike something sharply, or stimulate/urge someone or something. For example, “The doctor asked the patient a series of questions in an attempt to fillip her memory.”

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