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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, 17th century


A flaming torch, especially one made of several thick wicks dipped in wax.


A large candlestick with several branches.

Examples of Flambeau in a sentence

"Processions illuminated by flambeaus are common during seasonal holidays in both Europe and Asia."

"The guides led us down the forest path with a flambeau, instead of a flashlight, to make the adventure feel more authentic."

About Flambeau

“Flambeau” is taken directly from the French, where it referred originally to a “small flame.”

Did you Know?

“Flambeau” is based on the Old French word “flambe,” meaning “a flame,” from the Latin root “flamma,” the basis of the English word “flame.” The French word is the root of other familiar English words, including “flamboyant,” which was initially used to describe the vivid light of a burning flambeau, but today it describes anything bright, bold, or audacious. Another related word is “flambé,” once again from the French, meaning “to cook by adding a spirit, like brandy, and setting alight.”

illustration Flambeau

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