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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, 19th century


One who rambles or travels aimlessly


An idler or dawdler

Examples of Flaneur in a sentence

"He left his trip itinerary open so he could be a bit of a flaneur and do things on the fly."

"She always got in trouble for being a flaneur as she came back to class from a long break."

About Flaneur

A flaneur by another name could be called a slacker — someone who idles about, taking their time, not accomplishing much. But the French-inspired term sounds much nicer than "slacker."

Did you Know?

The two definitions of this word actually come from two different languages. In French, a "flâneur" is a loafer or a dawdler. But in Dutch, a "flaneur" is a person who roams the city on foot.

illustration Flaneur

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