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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: English, 20th century


Excitable and quick to lose one's composure.

Examples of Flappable in a sentence

"Despite the blue skies, the radio forecasted rain, so my flappable boss ordered us to close the restaurant patio immediately."

"My aunt Anna is usually a pretty levelheaded person, but she is surprisingly flappable while watching playoff basketball."

About Flappable

“Flappable” was formed in reverse from the existing word “unflappable,” itself formed in English in the 20th century based on the word “flap,” meaning “to agitate,” or “upset.”

Did you Know?

Both “flappable” and its predecessor “unflappable” are based on a particular definition of the word “flap,” which as a noun can mean “a commotion,” and as a verb can mean “to upset,” or “to cause to be flustered.” The adjective “unflappable” emerged in English after World War II with the meaning “unflinching,” “difficult to upset,” or “relaxed in times of stress.” “Flappable” was soon coined as the opposite of this new term, meaning “easy to upset,” or “agitated during times of stress.”

illustration Flappable

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