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Friday, October 8



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid 17th century


(Botany and zoology) covered with stiff hair or bristles.

Examples of Hispid in a sentence

"The hispid leaves had a prickly texture."

"The hare’s fur was surprisingly hispid."

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About Hispid

This word comes from the Latin “hispidum,” meaning “rough, hairy, bristly.”

Did you Know?

Not only are there lots of hairy plant species, but there are many specific ways to describe them. “Hirsute” describes a plant with a thick covering of stiff hairs, while “hispid” suggests fewer hairs of the same texture. “Canescent” means enough soft, short hairs to give the plant a grayish white color, and “tomentose” describes densely matted, wooly hairs.

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