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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Middle English, mid 15th century


Lacking significant purpose or merit


Characterized by a carefree or shallow spirit

Examples of Frivolous in a sentence

"Don't waste your time on frivolous things, but focus on what really matters."

"Marie's frivolous attitude can be fun, but sometimes I wish she'd take things a little more seriously."

About Frivolous

Celebrities have a reputation for spending their millions on decidedly frivolous purchases. These have included first-class plane tickets for a hat (Bono), a $50,000 machine designed to detect ghosts (Lady GaGa), and even a quarter-million-dollar ticket on a potential future ride to outer space (Katy Perry).

Did you Know?

Frivolous is often used in the legal world to describe a case that can't be successfully argued and is a waste of time and resources.

illustration Frivolous

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