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Part of speech: noun

Origin: German, early 19th century


A soldier placed in front of a regiment or company while drilling to demonstrate the motions and time.


A leader, organizer, or spokesman.

Examples of Fugleman in a sentence

"The fugleman halted and waited for the rest of the company to come to attention."

"Derrick was eager to serve as fugleman for the new Science Club at school."

About Fugleman

Fugleman comes from a combination of the German word "flügel," meaning "wing," and "mann," the German word for "man," making the direct translation "wingman." This word originally meant the leader of the group, but can also refer to your friend who is there for you through thick and thin.

Did you Know?

Traditionally, a "fugleman" is a soldier that serves as a guide for the rest of the group. A modern day example of a fugleman is the wingman — a friend who supports you and models actions to follow in your dating endeavors. Love really is a battlefield.

illustration Fugleman

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