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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, mid 16th century


A hodgepodge, mishmash, or medley


A ragout, hash, or similar culinary item

Examples of Gallimaufry in a sentence

"I enjoy a gallimaufry of activities and hobbies rather than just one specific thing."

"On the day after Thanksgiving, everyone brings their leftovers to my house and we make one big gallimaufry of them"

About Gallimaufry

Many households have a designated place for the gallimaufry of items that pile up over time: the junk drawer. In fact, there are many websites dedicated to the sharing of photos of junk drawers.

Did you Know?

Centuries ago, French chefs would often cook up galimafree, a meat stew featuring a blend of ingredients and leftovers that needed to be used. Over time, this concept of a hodgepodge evolved into gallimaufry.

illustration Gallimaufry

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