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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, late 17th century


An energetic style of a literary or artistic work or performance


A vigorous nature or liveliness

Examples of Verve in a sentence

"The new exhibit at the modern art museum was full of verve and genre-defying pieces."

"The children loved their babysitter for her verve and playfulness."

About Verve

English borrowed "verve" from French, where it has an identical spelling and meaning — energy, spirit, animation. Feel free to employ a French accent when using this word. You’ll be correct either way.

Did you Know?

"Verve" is used today to describe the energy that gives life to an artistic performance, composition, or piece of writing. Any sort of creator has verve. But an old-fashioned usage of the word simply meant a special talent or ability. Your verve could be fixing a toilet or composing a symphony.

illustration Verve

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