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illustration Garish



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Old Norse, mid 16th century


Adorned in excessively bright colors


Obnoxiously colorful


Glaringly bright

Examples of Garish in a sentence

"When I look at old photos, I can't believe how garish my clothes used to be in the 90s."

"The garish art piece grabbed attention for all the wrong reasons."

About Garish

The 90s might go down as one of the most garish decades for style. Bright-neon blues, purples, and pinks were all the rage for men and women alike. No wonder grunge artists like Nirvana rebelled against this look with muted colors and grey tones. But will the multicolor, garish neon look come back into style someday?

Did you Know?

Garish actually comes from a Norse word meaning rough fellow. Thanks, Vikings!

illustration Garish

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