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Part of speech: verb

Origin: English, 19th century


Make a row of continuous stitches on the top or right side of a garment or other article as a decorative feature.

Examples of Topstitch in a sentence

"Arlene topstitched her pillow too tightly, causing the trim to look pinched."

"Topstitching often applies the last stitch to a garment in order to keep everything else in place."

About Topstitch

“Topstitch” was formed by combining the adjective “top” and the noun “stitch.” “Stitch” is based on the Old English “stiċe,” meaning “a puncture,” “a thrust with a pointed implement,” or “a pricking sensation.”

Did you Know?

In sewing, topstitching can serve decorative purposes and provide a reinforcing stitch. It's common to topstitch the outer sides of clothing, such as around back pockets, where the process adds flair and design. A decorative topstitch is often done in a thread of contrasting color from the material being sewn. But topstitching can also provide a supportive element and can be used to hold pleats in place in order to maintain the basic design of a garment and help it hold up to washing and wear.

illustration Topstitch

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