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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Relevant to a subject under consideration.


Closely related.

Examples of Germane in a sentence

"Discussing the author’s childhood was germane to the lecture on his influences. "

"You can find germane sources listed in the appendix to the book. "

About Germane

Germane, previously spelled “germain,” was synonymous with the adjective german (lowercase) in Middle English. Both words come from the Latin word “germanus,” meaning genuine, or of the same parents.

Did you Know?

The modern definition of germane — relevant to a given subject — first appears in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” “The phrase would bee more Germaine to the matter: If we could carry Cannon by our sides." (Yes, the alternate spellings are present in the text of “Hamlet.”)

illustration Germane

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