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Part of speech: verb

Origin: French, 17th century


Eat good food, especially to excess.

Examples of Gourmandize in a sentence

"Some people travel to see the sights, but Mark loves to gourmandize in other countries."

"For my birthday, I asked my friends over to gourmandize and play board games."

About Gourmandize

“Gourmandize” is a loanword from French.

Did you Know?

To understand “gourmandize” as a verb, it’s important to understand the difference between the nouns “gourmet” and “gourmand.” A gourmet is usually someone knowledgeable about food and drink with a sensitive and cultured palate, while a gourmand is simply an enthusiastic eater and drinker. In its earliest forms in both French and English, “gourmand” described a glutton, but over time the term has eased to describe someone who is enthusiastic about food without necessarily being knowledgeable about it. As such, “to gourmandize” is to consume food with the enthusiasm and gusto of a gourmand.

illustration Gourmandize

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