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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Dutch, late 16th century


Feel or search with the hands; grope about.


Sprawl or tumble on all fours.

Examples of Grabble in a sentence

"I had to grabble for the books hidden on the top shelf."

"Move that broom before someone trips and grabbles."

About Grabble

If you trip on a chair leg and take a tumble, don't feel embarrassed — just call it a grabble. You can use this new vocabulary word to describe sprawling on all fours. The usage evolved from the original meaning of reaching about for an object.

Did you Know?

We get the word "grab" from Middle Dutch and German, also the origin of the similar words "grip" and "grope." "Grabble" is originally from the Dutch word "grabbelen," meaning "to scramble for a thing."

illustration Grabble

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