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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-18th century


(Of an animal) feeding on grass.

Examples of Graminivorous in a sentence

"Most of the farm animals were graminivorous."

"Meredith’s research studies the effects of a graminivorous diet."

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illustration Graminivorous

About Graminivorous

This word comes from the Latin “gramini-,” the combining form of “gramen,” meaning "grass, fodder." It is combined with “-vorous,” a Latin suffix that means “eating or devouring.”

Did you Know?

There are many animals that have graminivorous habits, even if they don’t exclusively eat grass. For instance, cats and dogs are known to eat grass occasionally. Typically, dogs consume grass when they have upset stomachs. This is a way to rid their intestinal tracts of parasites that can threaten their health.

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