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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Ancient Greek


Calm, serene, or tranquil


Relating to a time in the past marked by peace and happiness


Of or relating to the halcyon bird

Examples of Halcyon in a sentence

"I miss the halcyon days of my childhood when I didn’t have to worry about the pressures of adult life."

"Her halcyon lifestyle may seem wonderful, but it was earned by decades of hard work and determination."

About Halcyon

Halcyon has deep roots in Greek mythology. The word comes from the story of the goddess Alcyone and her dear husband, who were turned into kingfisher birds, or halcyons, upon their untimely deaths. These birds were known to build nests only on calm water — which is likely where the modern definition comes from.

Did you Know?

As an adjective, halcyon is most often used in connection with an idealized version of the past. Remembering the halcyon days of yesteryear brings about a pleasing nostalgia for better times.

illustration Halcyon

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