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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 19th century


(Anatomy) a person's big toe.


(Zoology) the innermost digit of the hind foot of vertebrates.

Examples of Hallux in a sentence

"Jarvis stubbed his hallux on the corner of the sofa."

"My hallux is usually the first part of my foot to wear through a sock."

About Hallux

“Hallux” is based on the Latin “hallus,” meaning “big toe.”

Did you Know?

“Hallux” refers to the human big toe in the same way that “pollex” refers to the human thumb, but the two related words — both taken from Latin — also refer to digits on the feet of vertebrates. “Pollex” describes the first digit on the front foot of any four-legged creature, while “hallux” describes the first digit on the hind foot of a four-legged creature, or the first digit on the foot of a two-legged creature (such as a bird).

illustration Hallux

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