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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Italian, 16th century


In varied colors; variegated.

Examples of Harlequin in a sentence

"The leaves on the plant were a harlequin patchwork of dark greens and pale yellows."

"Rainbow grasshoppers are distinguishable by their bright harlequin patterns."

About Harlequin

“Harlequin” is based on the Old French name “Herlequin” or “Hellquin,” the mythical leader of a group of demon horsemen.

Did you Know?

A “Harlequin” is a trickster-jester character in Italian “commedia dell’arte,” a style of theater featuring masked characters playing specific stock roles. Harlequin was the best known of a number of comic, servant characters called “Zanni.” Notably, Harlequin is easily recognized in his checkered outfit, which gives rise to the adjective “harlequin.”

illustration Harlequin

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