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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, early 17th century


(of a person's voice) loud and powerful.


Capable of robust sound.

Examples of Stentorian in a sentence

"A successful candidate requires a stentorian voice that carries above the cheering crowds."

"It was a surprise to hear a stentorian voice coming from such a small body."

About Stentorian

Stentorian is the adjective for a loud, booming voice. Stentor is the proper noun, or name, of the original loudmouth. Then stentor can be used as a common noun for anyone with a powerful voice.

Did you Know?

Thank Homer for this one. In the classic tale the “Iliad,” Stentor is the name of the herald who delivered proclamations to the Greek army during the Trojan War. It was said that his voice was as loud as 50 men put together, but you don’t have to be quite that loud to still be called stentorian.

illustration Stentorian

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