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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 14th century


A herb garden.

Examples of Herbary in a sentence

"The herbary is thriving, thanks to all the rain we received this summer."

"After clearing out all the overgrown brush we found an herbary hidden in the garden."

About Herbary

From Latin, "herba" means grass or green crops. Middle English used "herb" for "any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume." The herbary is where such plants are grown.

Did you Know?

A medicine garden is a type of herbary with plants grown specifically for their healing applications. Traditional medicine plants include Holy Basil, Wild Bergamot, Echinacea, Mint, Garlic, Aloe, Lavender, Sage, Calendula, and St. Johns Wort.

illustration Herbary

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