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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Danish, 1960


A general mood of coziness


A lifestyle culture adopted from Scandinavia, emphasizing comfort and contentment

Examples of Hygge in a sentence

"Light a fire, grab a cup of cocoa, and settle in for a night of hygge."

"Winter is the perfect time to embrace hygge and fill your life with warm sweaters and candles."

About Hygge

Get comfortable with this Danish word for coziness. Elements of hygge include sweaters, couches piled with blankets, candlelight, a warm pastry ... basically anything involved with a cozy winter day.

Did you Know?

Hygge started out as a Scandinavian way of life — embracing comfort and small pleasures. It’s grown far beyond that, even starring in a song written for the Broadway version of “Frozen.”

illustration Hygge

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