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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, 20th century


A word of more specific meaning than a general or superordinate term applicable to it. For example, “spoon” is a hyponym of “cutlery.”.

Examples of Hyponym in a sentence

"Human being” is a hyponym of many things, including “animal,” “earthling,” and “primate."

"Tabby,” “tortoise-shell,” and “Siamese” are three of the many hyponyms of the word “cat."

About Hyponym

“Hyponym” was formed by combining two ancient Greek terms: “ὑπό” (“hupó,” meaning “under”) and “ὄνυμα” (“ónuma,” meaning “appellation”).

Did you Know?

A “hyponym” is a complicated idea: It describes a thing that is a subgrouping or sub-class of another greater thing. For example, “man,” “woman,” and “child” are all hyponyms of “person,” and “person” is a hyponym of “animal” and “primate.” In order for something to be a hyponym, it must belong to a more specific group than the larger group described by the original term. “Baseball player” is a hyponym of “professional athlete,” while “pitcher,” “catcher,” “fielder,” and “batter” are all hyponyms of “baseball player.”

illustration Hyponym

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