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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, mid-16th century


The action of inferring or drawing a conclusion; an inference.

Examples of Illation in a sentence

"The game Clue depends on players drawing illations."

"We came to the illation that Tim didn’t want to join us."

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About Illation

This word comes from the ​​Latin “illatio(n-),” from “illat-,” meaning “brought in.” It originates from the verb “inferre,” meaning to “bring in, bring about”; in medieval Latin, it means “deduce.”

Did you Know?

“Illation” can be confused with “elation” and “alation” because they sound similar, even though they mean very different things. Elation is a noun that means “great happiness,” while “alation” is a noun and biological term that means “the state of having wings.”

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